International dating club

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Our monthly lunches are always run by a responsible person.

We have a helpline, which is also online, run by disabled volunteers.

This means she is opened for relationship with you and expect your call or e-mail.Starting a Peer Support and Dating Club for Physically, Sensory and Socially Disabled People by Dr Tuppy Owens [email protected] I started the Outsiders way back in 1979 and it was the only dating club for disabled people – in the world I think!I had the help of Nigel, a colleague who had lost his sight. We didn’t really think it would work, but here we are, almost 4 decades on, still successful.The disabled volunteers I work with are amazing and I allow them autonomy (they work when they are well enough and use their own discretion) as well as offering support.We now have lunches around the UK and hope to have more soon.

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