Who is gilbert arenas dating now

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The former Wizards guard posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday, showing him smashing his Mercedes in 2014 in rebuttal to Govan allegedly breaking windows in his house and throwing his computer into the pool.

"Defendant Govan's intent in this scheme was to embarrass plaintiff Arenas and to cause irreparable harm to his reputation," the lawsuit states. "As a direct and proximate result of defendant Govan's intentional, malicious, harmful and offensive acts, plaintiff has sustained severe and serious injury to his reputation," the lawsuit states.When asked, “Did you know that [Laura] thinks that [Gloria] slept with [Gilbert]”, mama Gloria replies, “Yes, I don’t believe it.” Why?Because according to her, she asked Gloria who, like Gilbert, has denied these allegations.Yes #TMZ both cars are mines and under my name....'She claims they 'lived together as husband and wife' and Gilbert promised that she would 'share equally' in all of his earnings from 2003 onwards when it is estimated he made nearly 0million in NBA contract money.The picture was accompanied by a caption reading: 'Money don't change ppl.lack of money does..never seen a rich person rob a bank..while u hate on my life I'm wiping my ass with this sh*t here haha'.

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