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“You have to hide the anger,” says Curtis "50 Cent” Jackson."When you can see someone’s emotions shift, you have the advantage of sensing when they’re going to throw the next punch.” He pauses.

little did they know, the 42-year-old was hearing all the trash talk as he hid behind them! Related: Bella Hadid Apologizes For Promoting Fyre Festival 'Disaster'! See for yourself, PLUS the latest update from festival organizers (below)! Related: 50 Cent's Son Basically Said His Dad's Music Sucks!

Though he didn’t make that game — which the Liberty won — it seems Boyette’s dreams may come true sometime this season.

“I have pretty much everything he’s ever made in my i Pod,” she said earlier this month.

once again for Thursday night's show to collect people's opinions on 50 Cent… As you can imagine, a lot of "fans" changed their answers in the presence of the rapper! In an IG video (which has since been deleted), the We've seen a lot of hilarious responses to the unmitigated disaster that was Fyre Festival. In one Instagram post, he was able to burn Ja Rule AND Donald Trump! " [ rapper is then seen throwing a punch, probably as a way to free himself from her grasp.

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