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What I like best is how she organizes the dating experiences of each race–Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Jewish and Black– by chapter and section.D., JD., or some engineer-ey, computer geek-like vocation.

se sipsavru) sipsavgauto speak a language bauplito sprout [of plant] derba’oto suspect (to opine based on intuition) jijyji’ito the power (mekso operator) te’atoad pulbanfitoast (toasted bread) jelnanbatobacco tankotoboggan salcarcetoday cabdeitoe (foot digit) jmadegjitoffee satmatnetogetherness i’itogether kansi’utoggle (electronics) vrabatke, place 2toilet paper gaxlumpletoilet vimstizutoilet (bathroom) vimku’atomato tamcatomb mrostutomogram pa’oxratomorrow night bavlamctetomorrow bavlamdeitone tongatone (pitch of a word) valtogmo’atongs cinzatongue tancetonne megygra, place 1too few times mo’aroitoo few mo’atoo little of pimo’atoo many times du’eroitoo many du’etoo much of pidu’etoolbar (row of icons in a graphical user interface)samtcikajnatool tutcitooth doctor denmikcetooth-paste composition denpesxu, place 2tooth-paste denpesxu, place 1toothache plant akmelatoothache, have a dencrotoothbrush denburcutoothpaste denpesxutooth dencitoot vruca’atoo (in addition) ji’atopic (of conversation) selsnutopic (of paragraph) jufmei, place 2topic (studied) seltadnitopi tsesebetopping (pizza) pitnanba, place 2top (uppermost part) galraipautorch (light source) fagytergu’itornado carbi’etorpedo (underwater projectile) xasydantitorque, twisting force selto’itorr torcelitortoise cakyrespatorture (inflict pain) tcecrogautotalitarian system troroltruci’etotalitarianism troroltruci’etotal (sum) sumjtoucanet camskamolcpitoucan camskamolcpitouched (emotionally) cniri’a, place 2touching (emotionally) cniri’a, place 1touch pencutougher (firmer) jarmautoughest jaryraitoupee runkretourist datygugvi’etousled (having hair in disorder) krekalsatowards point fa’atowards selfa’atoward selfa’atower slanydi’utown hall tcabrijutrace (fossil) dujro’i, place 2track and field athlete bajypipre’ojvi, place 1track and field athletics competition bajypipre’oterjvi, place 1track and filed athlete bajypipre’ojvi, place 1track (mark left by something that passed) tapsnitractor cpumi’itrade places simbastitrade school jibycu’etrademark selvensnitrader canja, place 1trade (give in exchange for) canjatrade (mutually) cajysi’utraditional culture cacklu, place 2traditional practice cacklu, place 1tradition (traditional practice) cacklutragedy betritrail (drag) mosycputrain trenetrait ckajitrajectory danlu’atram lajre’etranquil tolxankatranquil (happy) nalra’ugeitransceiver (radio) cradyvelcraditransducer selsnapratransferred selbe’itransfer benjitransfixing pa’otransforms (becomes different) ficybi’otransistor dicflecrutranslate fanvatransmit origin vebe’itransmitted via xebe’itransmitter velbe’itransmitting sebe’itransport far away darbeitransportation industry bevgunditransportation means xelklatransportation sector bevgunditransportation (as an industry category) bevgunditranspose (matrix transpose mekso operator) re’atranssexual (person) cingafpretransverse flute pinflanitransvestite datcinselta’utrap (device) terkavbutrash (garbage) victerlu’itravel by boat bloli’utravel in a limousine clakarce, place 2travel litrutray palnetread heavily maxydzutreasury dinsrotreaties flari’a, place 4treaty (agreement) gugbinselnu’etreat (handle, deal with or behave towards in a specific way) fratitreehouse ricyzdatree (computer science) vipci’etree (plant) tricutremendous (big and feared) selte’abratrenggiling foldotatrial (judgement of dispute) nunpaitrial (legal judgement of dispute) nunflapaitriangle cibjgataitriangle (musical instrument) cibjgataidamritriangle (studied by trigonometry) cibjgacmaci,place 2tribal cemlanzutribe cemlanzutrigger finger relmomdegjitrigonometric cibjgacmacitrigonometry cibjgacmaci, place 1trillionth pictitrillion tertotrill (singing) vokslitrip (drug-induced hallucination) nunxumsnetroll (poster of inflammatory message) bebzunpretrooper (soldier in tank) cakykarce, place 2trouble raktutrousers palkutrout finprtrutotruant nalzvatruckload bevma’elaitruck (transport vehicle) bevma’etrue for me too go’ira’otrue-false ? ki’u mawithdrawn (sulky) nalta’acniwithdraw (move back) ti’eklawithdraw (pull out) tolse’awithin ne’iwithout secauwith kansawizard mafcrewoad aizdowok juptansiwolfsbane (arnica) arnikawolf labnowolverine karkajuwoman ninmuwombat vombatuwomb gutrawonder (ask oneself) retpeiwonder (feeling awe) manciwonder (feeling awe; attitudinal) u’ewood fire mudyfagriwoodchip cmamudyspiwoodchuck marmotawoodcutter (lumberjack) mudyka’aprewooden block mudbliwoodpecker kevypracpiwood (the material) mudriwool sunlawoo cinjikcaword form vlataiword pattern vlataiword shape vlataiword to lerfu buword valsiwork of art lardaiworking hard at zuktceworking (operational) tolpo’uwork gunkawork (activity directed towards accomplishment)selgu’aworld war baljamnaworm curnuworry (be anxious about) xankaworry (disturb the peace of mind of) selxankaworse (by the standard of badness) xlamau, place1worse (by the standard of goodness) xagme’aworship cesri’isi’aworst (by standard of goodness) mecyxagraiworst (by the standard of badness) xlarai, place 1worth (equal in value to) vamjiwould (conditional event) da’iwound (physical injury) cagnawrinkle cinjewrist xancidniwrite a memo notci’awriter (author) ci’arfi’iwrite ciskawriting desk ci’ajbuwriting selci’awrong-side-out barfa’ewrong (asserting something incorrect) jifxu’awrong (immoral) tolvu’ewrong (improper) tolmaptiwrong (incorrect) toldrawryneck kevypracpi Wu Chinese banve’u’uwww address samjudriwww uebx1 it vo’ax2 it vo’ex3 it vo’ix4 it vo’ox5 it vo’u Xinjiang cin JIANXod xodx xy Yahweh iavesyak ma’arbakni Yama-dori ma’arjipciyam samcrniameyard (enclosed space) selsrustuyard (for supporting sail) blopinfanga’ayard (rail) renytcanayard (unit of measurement) cibjmagutciyawner (breather) moltenva’u, place 1yawn (breathe) moltenva’uyear standard terna’a, place 1year nanca farbe nh viki nank sonomanumazjanuhh deayear (of year) datru, place 4yeast fomymlediyellow fever pelglaryellow pelxuyell (loud utterrance) selkrixayen ru’urjupujeyesterday night prulamcteyesterday prulamdeiyesteryear (previous year) prulamna’a YHWH iavesyield randayobi (unit prefix) samgotroyogurt djoguro, place 1yohimbe io’imbeyonder at vuyou and others do’oyoung man citnauyounger citmauyoungest citraiyoung citnoyour described as ledoyours medomoiyour medomoiyouth (young man) citnauyouth (youngness) nunci’oyou doyu choy rasykobliyuan (Chinese currency) ru’urcunuje Yue Chinese banje’u’e Yugoslavian nanslovoy ybuzebi (unit prefix) samyzetrozephyr (mild breeze) mlibi’ezerumbet zermbetozetta (prefix) zetrozigzag zigzagi Zimbabwean zimbabu Zimbabwe zimbabueszinc zinkizing jimdaxsnazip fastener denstelazipper (fastener) denstelazip (fastener) denstelazoo animal mivdalmuzga, place 2zoological garden mivdalmuzgazoology dalskezoo mivdalmuzgazucchini tsukinize’e zelplinzdifanza f1 = z1 (event) teases f2 = z2.zdigau x1 = g1 entertains (agentive) x3 = z2with x2 = z1; g1 makes z1 entertaining/amusingfor z2 in property/aspect z3zdile [zdi] x1 (abstract) is amusing/entertaining to x2 in property/aspect x3;x3 is what amuses x2 about x1.You can watch thousands of sexy girls on webcam and chat with them for FREE Click Here to See Who is Online at My Free Cams right now! Please refrain from posting explicit content publicly.This adult chat is for mature adults only and is not intended to be a public sex chat room. request someone to return xrucperequest to send be’erequest e’orequest (place an order for) tervencperequire (ask for peremptorily) ca’icperequiring saureschedule (change time of appointment) tcikyga’irescued nurxru, place 2rescuer nurxru, place 1rescue nurxruresemble smimlureserve (book in advance) ternupcpereset to new value ninga’igaureset to original value kraga’igaureset (to new value) ninga’igaureset (to original value) kraga’igauresident (legal) flaxa’u, place 1resin ricyblu, place 1resolute jditcerespect iorespect (have respect for) sinmaresplendent mleba’irespond abruptly bikspuresponsible fuzmerestart (begin again) refcfarestart (cause to begin again) refcfari’arestaurant gustarestrained ri’urgau, place 2restraint of emotion ri’enairestraint (device) terkavburestrain rinjurestrictive clause poirestrictive identity po’urestrictive phrase perest (take repose) surlarest (that which remains) selyli’a, place 1results because seja’eresults despite seja’enairesult jalgeresult (remainder) velvi’uresumed toldicra, place 2resume (restart) toldicra, place 1resumptitive di’aresume sezyskinoiresurrectee ji’exru, place 2resurrecter ji’exru, place 1resurrect ji’exruretail/wholesale sector cajgundiretained earnings ra’erprali, place 1retained surplus ra’erpraliretain ralteretiree jibmu’o, place 1retire (cease working) jibmu’oretreat (behind something) ti’eklareturn to main point ta’onaireturn, caused to xrugaureturner (one who goes back) xrukla, place 1return (carry back) xrubeireturn (go back) xruklareturn (intransitive) se’ixrureturn (think back) peixrureturn (to an earlier state) xrutireveal fa’irgaurevenge venfureverberation mirsnareverse of fa’ereverse Polish fu’areverse fatnereverse (turn backward or over) fa’ergaureversible (sequence) fatka’ereverting thing se’ixru, place 1revert se’ixrurevise cusku’irevive ji’exrureward cnemurhetorical question paunairhinoceros zbiseljirnarhino zbiseljirnarhubarb (pieplant) stanyxrubarhyme rimnirhythm riltiribbon dasriribcage cutygrekurib (bone) cutybo’urib (curved bones) srubo’urice field risfoirice wine risyvanjurice rismirich ricfurider selma’e, place 1ride (be carried) selma’eride (sex) cpanygleridge tolku’oridicule ckasuridiculous terckasurifle (shoulder held firearm) clacelxa’iright ascension sunsicyjudriright bracket ve’oright hand prityxa’erights (entitlements) kralirights (entitlements, permissions) terzi’e, place 1right prituright (agentive) dragauright (due) zi’ejvaright (entitlement) kralirim (anal-oral sex) gaxmolglering finger vonmomdegjiring djinering (jewelry) degja’iripped item vlika’a, place 2ripped piece vlika’a, place 3rip vlika’arise (ascend) tolfa’urise (from bed) ckali’arise (move upwards) galmu’urise (stand up) sa’irbi’orite ritliriver rirxe River (name) rirxrivet dinkrniterivulet cmatceri’eroad sign dagysniroadrunner sutybajycpiroad darguroaring caivruroars (angry non-linguistic utterence) fe’ucmoroar (an expression) camki’aroar (angry utterence) fegba’uroar (make threatening linguistic utternace) capsidba’urobe pasturobin (American robin) najycutcpirock face roksfe, place 1rocket launcher (shoulder held) janjaknyxa’irocket jaknerock rokcirod (shape/form) granaroger je’e ROK gugdrxangukeroleplayer dracykeiroleplaying game dracyselkei, place 1roll up (intransitive) bolbi’oroller skate (vehicle) cucma’erollerblade (vehicle) cucma’erolling surface for bike relxilma’e, place 3roll (bakery article) cmananbaroll (dice) gurgauroll (of an object) gunro Roman Catholic la’orxi’o Roman numeral la’ornacle’uromance (behave amourously) cinjikca Roman (nation) la’ornai Rome romasroof drudirookie nintadnirook (chess) slanydi’uroommate kanxa’uroom kumfaroot word gismuroot (nth root) seltenfaroot (plant appendage) genjarope skorirosary bidjylinsirose rozgurose (colour) labyxu’e Rot-13 carpacibrotten fusrarotten (decayed) cazyfusrarough rufsuround trip (travel) cupli’urounded down ji’ini’urounded up ji’ima’uround (2-dimensional) cuklaroute of returning xrukla, place 4route (any path along defined points) plutaroute (network route) tcanylu’arow vector pinynacmeirowing terblorow (of objects) lijgrirow (of table) pinpauroyal servant nolse’uroyalty nolba’iroyal nolba’i RPG dracyselkei RSA gugdezu’arub against termosrarub off mosyvi’urubber ckaburubbish victerlu’irub (agentive) termosygaurub (applying cream/ointment) likpu’irude tolcliterug buklolgairuin (remains of something destroyed, disintegrated,or decayed.) temfestirule sysetm (permitting) crujva, place 3rule system (permitting) crujva, place 3rule with iron fist kustrurules of standard tema’irule javnirule (permitting) crujva, place 1run a marathon clabajyklarun away bajli’arun towards bajyklarunning track bajysturun bajrarun (towards a destination) bajyklarural nurmarush (go quickly) sutklarush (plant) junkacerush (transitive) sutygau Russian Federation gugderu’u Russian rusko Russian (language) rukybaurusticle digyligykamjurust furtirseruthless tolke’irye mrajir ryrabano armoraki Sabbath surdeisackcloth (for mourning or showing remorse)rufta’u, place 1sack daklisacrilege re’enaisaddlebag xorjinasadness uisadomasochist croglesad badrisafe for tolckapesafe (secure) snurasafflower kartamo Sagittarius (constellation/astrology) celguntassailor blopresail falnusail (move with the help of a sail) fanklasalad saltasalamander (amphibian) kaurdatasalary dikle’i, place 2sales inventory selvensro, place 1sales lead cumnunve’usales letter (direct mail) venxa’asales objective (quota) velventerzu’esales opportunity cumnunve’usales quota velventerzu’esales (activity of selling) vencu’u, place 1saliva molselpu’usalmon salmonesaloon drinkers xalbarja, place 2saloon (tavern) xalbarja, place 1salt silnasamara na’itsisame day cabdeisame identity as dusame mintusample (specimen) muplisample (take a sample of) mupcpasanctify cesri’asanction nalprosand composition tercanre, place 1sand source selcanre, place 1sandalwood tcandanasandal karcutcisandwich snujisandwich (food) nabypalnesand canresane raclisanguine (optimistic) xagjijnu Sao Paulo saupaulossapsucker kevypracpisarcastic (using irony to wound) raxyckasusardonic (ironically humorous) raxyxajmisassaby tsesebesat on seltsesatellite mlunisatiated dusfrisatiation be’unaisatisfactory xamgusatisfied selmansasatisfy mansa Saturday tedydeisaturday xavdei Saturn (planet) xavyplinsauce sanso Saudi Arabian (language) djobau Saudi Arabic (language) djobau Saudi sadjosausage filling tisycanti, place 2sausage kolbasasavage (person) cicre’asave (rescue) nurxrusave (write a file to a disk) rejgausawdust mudypu’osaxophone xagrnsaksofonosay abruptly bikskusay sharply (s) bikskusay to oneself sezyskusay cuskusay (express) ba’uskusay (to speak a language) baupliscalar affirmer je’ascalar contrary na’escalar midpoint not no’escalar selbri va’escale ckiluscaly anteater foldotascare (frighten) terpygauscarf (garment) sruta’uscary selte’ascene (landscape) jvinusceptre nolga’a, place 1scheduled event detytcikygau, place 3scheduled time and date detytcikygau, place2scheduled time tcikygau, place 2scheduler detytcikygau, place 1schedule (plan time and date for event) detytcikygauschedule (plan time for event) tcikygau Scheol pacruxtutraschool ckulesci-fi skefi’ascience fiction skefi’ascience fiction (exploration of possible worlds)cumymu’efi’ascience of elves cridyskescience of fairies cridyskescience of gnomes cridyskescience of goblins cridyskescience of mythical humanoids cridyskescience of pixies cridyskescience of sprites cridyskescience saskescissors blade relselba’e, place 2scissors relselba’e, place 1scold vlasfascone (bakery article) cmananbascoopful muclaiscope (range) selku’escore (game) ci’erkeilai, place 2scornful (utterly) tolsi’araiscorpion ja’urjukni Scorpio (astrology) ja’urjuknis Scorpius (constellation) ja’urjuknis Scotch Tape nipsri Scotland kotygu’e Scottish skotoscrape guskascratch text rakci’ascratch srakuscream (an expression) camki’ascrewdriver lupcartciscrew klupescripture (religious book) cesyckuscrotum gantydakliscrub against termosrascrub (agentive) termosygausculptor laryrakpra, place 1sculpture laryrakpra, place 2sculpt laryrakprascurvy skorbutisea gull cipnrlarideisea jelly mivjdusea lion pinpedisea mine xasyjbamasea worm xasycurnuseagull cipnrlarideiseal (animal) pinpediseaport blotcanaseasoning tsapiseason citsiseat belt ri’usriseat (place in which to sit) tsestusea xamsi Sea (name) xassecluded mipstusecond person pronoun donma’osecond standard tersnidu, place 1secondly remaisecond snidusecret place mipstusecretary (of government department) trupauja’asecretary (office aide) ci’arse’u, place 1secret miprisection 0 nomo’osection 1 pamo’osection ordinal mo’osection (separate part) terfendisecure snurasecurity iinaisecurity (protection) kambandusee details tilvi’aseed tsijuseeing conditions tervi’a, place 1seek siskuseem simluseen tervi’a, place 2see viskasegment (phonetics) ba’usle, place 1seigniorage si’irzbapralisel-important sezyjgidu’eselbri separator cuselbri to modal fi’oselbri to operand ni’eselbri to operator na’uselect alphabet zaiselect (for use) plicu’aself-control se’itroself-improving (being) sezyze’aself-interested sezyci’iself-introduction mi’eself-oriented se’iself-propelled artillery gun karcycelxa’iself-propelled artillery karcycelxa’iself-restraint nunsezyfantaself-serving sezyse’uself-sufficiency se’aself-sufficient (independent) sezbanzuselfish sezyse’uself sevzisell vecnuselma’o quote ma’oisemantics smuskesemantic smuskesemen tsiselciglasemester kulcitsi Semitic semto Senate flazautrugrisend benjiseniority standard nalci’o, place 2senior nalci’o, place 1sense gansesense (sensibility) cnirangosense (the way that a referent is presented) smuvanbisensibility cnirangosensual cinmlesent by be’isent to tebe’isentence abstract sedu’usentence and ijesentence but not ijenaisentence conn ?ije’isentence containing phrase jufpau, place 2sentence fragment jufspisentence iff ijosentence if ijanaisentence link isentence only if inajasentence ordinal maisentence or ijasentence to death catrymi’esentence whether ijusentence xor ijonaisentence (in a paragraph) jufmei, place 3sentence (statement) jufra September sozmastsepulcher (tomb) mrostusequenced by rules sepo’isequence porsisequentially perform porzu’eserene tolxankaseriously zo’onaiserious junri Seri kuinkeservant, royal nolse’userved selse’userver (computer that hosts data) samci’ejudriserve selfuservices industry sefygundiservices sector sefygundisesame simsimuset free zifcruset up a diet ctiplasettlement (cluster of houses/huts) sosyzdasettle (fix one’s residence) xa’urbi’osettle (pacify) tugbi’osetup (fashion in which something is organized/arranged) terganzuset (mathematics) selcmiseveral so’osevere jursasew fensosex bomb cinmle, place 1sex toy gletcisexual abstinence ro’unaisexual complaint oiro’usexual partner glepe’osexually polyamorous (person) sorcinpa’isexual ro’usexy cinmle SF (science fiction) skefi’ashaddock branimreshadow ctinoshadow (follow) klaje’ishaft (for boat propeller) blomatryga’ashake deskushake (intentionally) desyzu’eshake (shaking something) desygaushallow caxnoshame o’anaishampoo (noun) krevelylu’ishampoo (verb) krelu’i Shangainese (language) banve’u’u Shanghainese (language) banve’u’ushape of word vlataishaped pasta tamxri, place 1shape tarmishare of profit (profit sharing for employees) fairpralishareholder posyselfai, place 1share (have in common) selfaishare (of capital stock) posterfai, place 1sharing ideal form tetaishark (animal) serlaximorfa, place 1sharp kinlishaver (remover of hair) krevi’u, place 1shave (remove hair) krevi’ushawl bofkostashears jincisheep lanmesheet boxfoshelf kajnashell ginger zermbetoshell material tercalku, place 1shell-covered selcalku, place 1shell calkushelter marbi Shevat pavypavmastishift next lerfu taushift (garment) tafrcemizeshine gusycai Shintoism ponjda Shinto ponjdashiny (lightreflective) gusminraship’s captain bloja’ashipcaptain bloja’ashipmaster bloja’aship (boat) brabloshirt crekashirt (dress shirt) litcrekashit (defecate) kalcyvi’ishoal jmifashocked seljencashock jencashoebill (bird) balnkpishoe cutcishooter (attacker) celgunta, place 1shoot (attack) celguntashoot (new growth of plant) jicycmashoot (new plant growth) stanycma, place 1shop (store) zaisleshort scope link boshort shirt befcaucrekashort story (short prose narrative) cmafi’a, place1short time interval ze’ishort time zishort-term debt ze’i zei seldejnishort-term liability (company finance) ze’i zeiseldejni, place 1shortage toldu’eshorter clame’ashort tordushort (in time) torteishoulder jancoshouts (verbally expresses by shouting) ki’askushout (talk loudly) lauskushove locus terca’eshoved selca’eshoveled (something dug with an implement) selcna, place 1shovel canpashovel (excavator) kakpyca’ashove catkeshove (move by pushing) ca’ermuvgaushow direction farja’oshow emotion cnija’oshow self-restraint sezyfantashower (take a shower) cavysezlu’ishower (wash by showering) cavlu’ishow jarcoshredder vlika’a, place 1shred vlika’ashrine si’astushrink (become diminished) cmaze’ashrub demspashuffled (randomly distributed) cunfaishuffle (randomly distribute) cunfaigaushut down sazystishuttle (vehicle) rapxruxelklashut (close) ga’orgaushy toldarsisibling tunbasick with scurvy skorbuti, place 1sickly bi’amlusickness terbi’asic le’ai Siddhartha Gautama pavbudjoside of flatfish mlafi’e, place 3sideband mlaxelbo’asides (of a polyhedral) cu’arkubli, place 2sidewalk dagysfesideways mlaselfa’asidewinder mlaparsinceside (directional) mlanaside (of an object) mlapau, place 1siemens (SI unit) klanrzimenzi, place 1sight (view) jvinusigh (utter sound in exasperation) patyva’usigma summation (brivla) snisimsumjisigma summation (mekso operator) si’isign up (agree to receive some good or service) terbejbi’osignal sinxasignificance domain vajrai, place 4significance (moral) madni’isignify selsmusign sinxa Sikh (a religion) xalsixasilhouette firti’oxrasilicium cancmusilicon cancmusilk silkasillyness (event) nunbebnasillyness (quality or property) kambebnasilo grutersro, place 1silvery (made of silver (Ag)) rijnosilvery (the color of silver (Ag)) rijyskasilver rijnosilver (the color of silver (Ag)) rijyskasimilar by standard vepa’asimilar in property vetaisimilar to sepa’asimilarly si’asimilar simsasimple sampusimply speaking sa’usimulate sezmlugausimultaneous cabnasine sinsosinful jdazeising lullaby sipsa’asinglet nercrekasingle (never been married) nu’ospesingle (not accompanied by anything else) pameisingular (being only one) pavmeising sanga Sinkiang cin JIANsink derse’asink (washing) lumtansisinner pacyzu’e, place 1sin (emotive) vu’enaisin (evil action) pacyselzu’e Sir (gender specific honorific) nolnaum Sir (non gender specific honorific) nolsister-in-law tubyspesister mensi Sister (family relation) messit below nitytsesit beneath nitytsesit down (become seated) tsebi’osit down (begin sitting) cfatsesit down (beneath) nitytsesitar jgitrsitasite stuzi Sith (Star Wars) palsita, place 1situation tcinisit zutse SIV-positive smanyjinkytoldu’evir, place 2Sivan cibmasti SIV (virus) smanyjinkytoldu’evidrusize [in millimeters]; number of millimetersmiltre, place 2size of caltrop vondi’o, place 2size cisni, place 1skateboard xilta’oskeleton bogygrekuskepticism iacu’isketch (draw) xraci’asketch (drawing) xraselci’askin pore kapkevnaskip (go with skipping motion) pipklaskirt skaciskirt (sidestep) mlaklaskivvy (garment) nebnipcrekaski skijiskull (head bones) sedbo’u, place 1skunk merfiti, place 1skysurfingboard tanta’osky tsanislacks (trousers) palkuslant (tilt away from vertical) sa’orgauslate (chalkboard) bakryta’oslate (of candidates) cu’acmi, place 4slave (forced servant) selbapselfu Slavic slovosledder salcarce, place 2sled salcarcesled (transport vehicle) bevma’esleeping bag daklyckasleepy person sipta’i, place 1sleepy (from tiredness) sipta’isleepy (wanting sleep) sipydjisleep sipnasleeveless birtu’ucausleeve (arm part of garment) birtafpausleeve (for arm) birtu’uslice panloslide fastener denstelaslide saklislightly annoy (event) mlifanzaslight (little) toltceslingshot rerce’asloe smelaslope salposloth (mammal) snomabru Slovakia slovensk Slovene slovino Slovenian slovinoslow-witted tolmencreslow masnosluggish malsnosmall nest cmazdasmall space interval ve’asmaller (by the standard of bigness) brame’asmaller (by the standard of smallness) cmamausmallest (by the standard of bigness) mecybraraismallest (by the standard of smallness) cmaraismall cmalusmart mencresmegma pinjyjdusmell sumnesmelt (fish) sperlanusmile at cismyfrasmiley face zo’obusmile cismasmoker (tobacco smoker) sigva’usmoke danmosmoke (cannabis) marnyva’u, place 1smoke (emitted from chimney) damtu’u, place 3smoke (inhale smoke) damva’u, place 1smoke (inhale tobacco smoke) sigva’usmooth xutlasnail cakcurnusnake sincesnap (answer abruptly) bikspusnap (say abruptly) bikskusnarls (angry linguistic utterence) fegba’usnarls (angry non-linguistic utterence) fe’ucmosnarl (make threatening noise) capsidba’usneeze sencisniffle zbisakcisniff (inhale through the nose) zbisakcisniper satcyguntasnoop mipyzgasnooty tolcumlasnore sipsavgausnort (inhale through the nose) zbisakcisnort (make sound) zbisnava’usnout (of pig) xajyzbisnowboard si’erta’osnowshed bisri’e, place 3snow snimesnug tagjisoak up cokcusoap zbabusoccer ball boltipyboi, place 1soccer game boltipterjvi, place 1soccer player boltipyjvi, place 1social anthropology kluskesocialism (politics) fairpaltrusi’osocialist political ideology fairpaltrusi’osocialize jikcasocial kamjikcasocial ro’asocial (being extroverted/outgoing) jikcasociety kamjikcasociety (group of people sharing culture) kluce’usociolinguistics banjikskesocket (computer) datnyxlesock smokasoda (of transparent type) klisodvasoda sodvasodium sodna Soemmerring’s Pheasant ma’arjipcisofa sfofasoft pedal togysmajmavrasoft rantisoil science derske Solar System tarci’esolar system tarci’e, place 1solar solrisoldier soncisole (part of foot) jmani’asolid (not liquid or gaseous) sligusolitary jikseisolver (puzzle solver) namkei, place 1some selbri 1 bu’asome selbri 2 bu’esome selbri 3 bu’isomersault (roll forward or backward) pipcarnasomething 1 dasomething 2 desomething 3 disomething associated with zo’eisomething made that is pleasant kukselzbasomething other than na’ebosomething shaved (something that hair is removed from) krevi’u, place 3somewhat big mlibrasome (at least one) su’o Son bessong (music with voice) selsa’asonnet pemcrsoneto, place 1Sonny besson bersasoon utterance de’esorcerer mafcresorcery mafcre, place 2sorghum sorgusorrel pezyxrubasorry (after saying something wrong) le’aisostenuto pedal togra’ijmavra, place 1soul ruxse’i, place 1Soul solsound of breaking popsnasound off patspusound recording snaveisound signal snasnisound sancesoup stasusource of diamond tabjme, place 2source tanru cimjvo, place 4source;testpaper source cipyple, place 2source krasisour slari South African English (language) nanfi’oglibau South Africa nanfi’ogu’e South American ketco South America tcotu’asouth by west nansicnansnanu South Korean (language) bangrxanguke South Korea gugdrxangukesouth of ne’u South Slavic nanslovosoutheast by east nansunsunsnanusoutheast nanstunasouthwardly mo’ine’usouth snanu Soviet softosow sombosoy sauce sobysansosoya sobdespace aspects fe’espace motion mo’ispace-time caljvetei, place 1spaced (be separated to a distance) seplispacetime vonca’uspace canluspace (area beyond atmosphere of planets) kensaspaghetti grusko Spain sangu’e Spanish spano Spanish (language) bansupu’aspare part (of a machine) mi’ispisparkle mircaisparkling wine fomvanjuspark (ember) fagyka’usparrowhawk aksiptrinaspeak fluently filta’aspeak softly mliba’uspeaker (device) selsnapraspeak (to speak a language) bauplispearwort (plant) xrulnranunkuluspear kilga’axa’ispecial (distinguished by a unique/unusual quality) rircispecial (of particular interest/value) stecispecies of ape remsmismani, place 2species of dodder marbela, place 2species jutsispecific stecispecify te’iskispecs le’otcispectacles le’otcispectacles (eyeglasses) lacnispectacle (eyewear) lacnispeech sound ba’uslespeech stream ba’usle, place 2speed up (an agent or person being the cause) sutygauspeed up (quicken the motion/process) sutyze’aspeeder sutli’u, place 1speed (of doing) nilsutraspeed (swiftly travel) sutli’uspeed (transitive) sutygauspeed (velocity) kamsutraspend (consume) xaksuspicy (hot taste) crovu’ispider juknispiky plant cpinyspaspine (set of bones) bogykamjuspinster fetnalspespiny anteater zalgosuspiral sarluspiritual complaint oire’espiritual re’espirit pruxispiteful xladjispite (offend) cnixaispittle molselpu’uspit sputuspit (saliva) molselpu’usplendid mleba’isplendour kamba’isplinter (wood) cmamudyspispoken message ba’urnoisponge (animal) panjyda’usponge (porous material) panjespoonful muclaispoon smucisport (physical) xadykelci’e, place 1spotflower akmelaspot (find) visfa’ispot (patch on surface) barnaspoused selspe, place 1spouse selspe, place 2spread (expand) prejaspread (in sense of an agent doing the spreading)pejgauspread (ranch site) dalcange, place 2sprig jicycmaspring vensasprouting object (from the ground) derba’o,place 1sprout (from the ground) derba’o, place 2sprout (germinate) derjbesprout (new growth of plant) jicycmasprout (new plant growth) stanycmaspruce up mlenicygausputum molselpu’uspy mipyzga Squadron Leader (military rank in India UK) cibmoija’asquadron (airforce unit) jamvijgrisquare dance for four couples (music) vonseldansusquare dance (music) vonseldansusquare dance (quadrille dance) vonynundansusquare dance (quadrille music) vonseldansusquare kilometer pitki’otresquare root (exponential) kurtenfa, place 2square (exponential) kurtenfa, place 1square (four sided shape) kurfasquash (vegetable) guzmrkukurbitasquat (crouch) demtsesqueak vrumlisquid kalmarisquirrel ricyratcu, place 1stabled horses xirzda, place 2stable (for horses) xirzda, place 1stack (one chimney) damtu’ustaff (shape/form) granastage tsinastage (demonstrate in a deceptive manner) ticyja’ostage (phase) pruce, place 1stairs sertistalactite digyligykamjustalagmite digyligykamjustalk stanistand down (descend) nitklastand up sa’irbi’o Standard Arabic bangarubustandard of badness xlamau, place 3standard of betterness xauzma, place 4standard of goodness xagme’a, place 4standard of life ji’exru, place 3standard bixma’u, place 3stand sanlistand (taken in argument) seldaustanza pempaustaple (fastener) plopijnestarch jalnastare caictastarfish mumbircurnustarfruit krambolastart emotion bu’ostart fore termset nu’istart grouping kestart over refcfastart parenthesis tostart text scope tu’estart-up (new business) nincu’ustartled tepselspajistartle tepspajistarts to say co’askustart (ake first step in performing an action) tolsististart (by following established proceedings) cfari’istart (cause to begin) cfagaustart (take first step in performing an action) tolstistarver djacaumro, place 1starve (to death) djacaumrostar tarcistasis stogau, place 3state abstract za’istatement (computer science) midvlastate (in a federation) vipygu’e, place 1state (of a polyhedral) cu’arkubli, place 3state (part of a country) gugypaustate (sovereign polity) zifyje’astation tcanastation (railway) renytcanastay back darstastay behind selyli’astay home zdastasteak bakrecpa’osteal zerle’asteam engine jaurgacmatrasteamer (cooking) jupypatxusteel gastasteep brasa’osteering committee gazykamni, place 1steer (male bovine) nakybaknistellar evolution puvytarga’istem (body-part) stanistem (take first existence) selkrasteppe sastu’astep stapastep (one of a set of stair rests) serti, place 1steradian sterosticky foil bofsnipasticky patch bofsnipa, place 1sticky snipastick (adhere) snipastick (shape/form) granastick (walking stick) dzuga’astiff tinsastill (at the present time, as in the past) za’ostill (without wind) bifcaustimulate (incite) terfrastingy mobdu’astir jiclastoat erminestock (capital stock) posfaistock (supply) sorcustomach (digestive organ) djaruntyrangostomp (crush using limbs) spostapastomp (tread heavily) maxydzustop (cause something to halt) sististop (cause to come to an end) stiri’astop (end process) tolcfagaustore sorcustore (shop) zaislestork cipnrsikoniastorm (weather) lidvilti’astory book lisyckustory drafting lisnuntoistory lisristory (level of building) dijysentastraight (heterosexual) datpavycingleprestraight (of a line) sirjistranger (unfamiliar person) ninpre, place 1strange cizrastrap ri’usristrategy tolmocpla, place 2strawberry fragaristream (body of water) cmari’estreet klajistrength (in some quality) kamtsastrength (power) kamvlistress o’unaistretch tcenastrict heterosexual pavdutcinse, place 1strict homosexual pavmitcinse, place 1striker (complainer) jibypante, place 1strike (hit) darxistrike (stop working and complain) jibypantestring instrument, bowed mosyjgitastring material cinlysko, place 2string (of stringed instrument) gitskostring (thin cord) cinlysko, place 1striped (having stripes) sriba’a, place 2stripes (mark on a surface) sriba’a, place 1stripe (mark on a surface) sriba’astroke satrestrong emotion saistronger emotion mau’istrong tsalistructure word cmavostructure sturastruggle (fight) dambastubborn xarnustuck (baffled) peiflistudent (university-level) balcu’e, place 4study group tadgristudy tadnistunned seljencastupidity (event) nunbebnastupidity (quality or property) kambebna Sub-Lieutenant (naval rank in India UK)pavmoija’asubfective (starting before natural beginning) xa’osubject learned [about] crebi’o, place 2subject of forgetfulness nalmo’i, place 3subject of memorandum selmojnoi, place 3subject of policy plajva, place 3subject of reminder mojgaunoi, place 3subject;testpaper subject cipyple, place 4subject (main topic) selsnusubject (of photograph) kacmyxra, place 2subject (studied) seltadnisublimate (chemical process) ligyfebvisubmarine ni’ablosubmerged jinrusubscriber mriste, place 2subscribe (sign up to receive some good or service)terbejbi’osubscript xisubsidiary company vipkagni, place 1subsidiary (of company) vipkagnisuburb jarbusucceed snadasuccess (achievement) snada, place 1such (so much of) taisuck sakcisudden suksasuffer xlafrisuffice banzusufficient (condition) crutcini, place 1suffocate (intransitive) dirva’usuffocate (transitive) vaxydicrasuffrage (the right to vote) cmicu’akralisufringboard bonjacta’osugar saktasuggested by ti’isuggested to teti’isuggesting seti’isuggestion e’usuggest stidisuggest (induce a chain of reasoning) nibyti’isulfur slirisulky nalta’acnisullen nalta’acnisultana (dried grape) sudvanjbasultry (attractive) cinmlesum of all simsumjisummersault (roll forward or backward) pipcarnasummer crisasummit (official meeting) gugja’anunsnu, place 1summon (ask someone to come) klacpesummon (by command) klami’esumti ? jisumti iff osumti only if na.asumti or asumti place ?

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