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The suit comes less than a month after Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart sent a letter to the CEOs of Master Card and Visa, in which he argued Backpage plays a role in furthering sex trafficking in the U. by hosting thousands of ads for prostitutes…The company is seeking damages to make up for the lost revenue from ad postings, as well as compensation for the value of lost goodwill and punitive damages…Liz Mc Dougall, a lawyer for LLC, told The Wall Street Journal the goal of the lawsuit "is to ensure that one elected official, particularly a county sheriff, cannot dictate what speech is or is not appropriate."...

Read the full post here Author: Travis Andersen, Boston Globe (USA) Two alleged victims of underage sex trafficking in Massachusetts filed a lawsuit Thursday against, accusing the company of assisting in the abuse that occurred approximately 2,000 times by allowing pimps to advertise sex with minors on its website.

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Liz Mc Dougall, a lawyer for LLC, said the goal of the lawsuit "is to ensure that one elected official, particularly a county sheriff, cannot dictate what speech is or is not appropriate." Author: Nicholas Kristof, New York Times (USA) “Making Life Harder for Pimps“, …Pimps can no longer easily use American Express, Visa or Master Card to pay for prostitution ads in which they sell 15-year-old girls as if they were pizzas…Human trafficking is one of the most insidious human rights abuses in the United States — some 100,000 minors are trafficked into the sex trade each year in America…A website called has for years dominated the sex trade advertising business…allowed to operate because of a loophole in the Communications Decency Act…Sheriff Tom Dart of Cook County, Ill., wrote tough letters to Visa and Master Card, calling on them to stop allowing their cards to pay for sex ads on Backpage. American Express in April stopped working with Backpage for adult ads, so as of the beginning of July pimps had no easy way to pay for advertisements…“When on Backpage, I was advertised in the same way as a car or a phone, but with even less value than a bike,” one girl…said [adding that] she was advertised at the age of 15 and 16 and raped 1,000 times as a result…

Read the full post here Author: Christina Wilkie, Huffington Post Classified advertising website Backpage filed a lawsuit against an Illinois sheriff's office on Tuesday, alleging the sheriff had convinced major credit card companies to stop processing payments for listings on the site, therefore violating the free speech rights of its users.

They are a source for incredibly rich information about people’s lives.

A lot of apps are fronts for various companies who are now capturing this data.’ A spokesman for Facebook said the request for permission to read text messages was to allow the app to read and write data between itself and the phone’s SMS feature, rather than for the company to trawl individuals’ messages.

He said: ‘The revenue you get from selling your apps doesn’t touch the revenue you get from giving your apps away for free and just loading them with advertisements.’Chris Brauer, of the centre for Creative and Social Technology at Goldsmiths, University of London, said: ‘Most adults have smartphones now.

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